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For Jim Turner, an ex MI5 agent on top of the IRA’s most wanted list, life was about to get very complicated.
At the heart of the matter are Mohammed Musa, a reputable Middle-Eastern businessman and Colin Walker, a ruthless London crime boss. Why do they threaten the political stability of Northern Ireland and why do the IRA and apparently MI5 want them both dead?

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It was supposed to be an easy job. A penthouse flat in an empty building. Ten minutes work to get in and get out, then away into the night with some easy money, a piece of jewellery or whatever else Ben could lay his hands on. However, what neither Ben Collins nor Gary Thompson expected, were the class A drugs, the half naked girl lying unconscious on the bed, both of them falling foul of one of the most dangerous men in London, or the involvement of ‘The Vicar’.

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For Semmin, it was serious. Half a dozen birds lost to the weather and now a challenge to his leadership that he couldn’t ignore.
For Padge, it was considerably worse. Injured at the height of the storm, separated from his mate, and now unable to fly for more than a few hundred yards. Had Junor survived? How badly was she hurt and where would she go? Can he find her while there’s still time and if so, what hope do they have of rejoining the flock and completing their winter migration?

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