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Why take a chance on an unknown author? How can you tell whether you’ll like his work or not? Wouldn’t it be better to play safe and just buy the latest bestseller from the author you already know?

I agree. But if you do that, how will you find new authors, new books or anything different?

We do it with music,  so why not with books?  Please try this one for free and find out if you’d like to read more.

Jump Start is a collection of eight short stories and a three part novella. Each is complete in its own right, however in three cases the story is also an introduction to a full length novel, which follows the same characters during a later episode in their lives.

Jump Start is available here and you can download it completely free of charge in a wide range of formats, which can be read on a PC, tablet, smart-phone, e-reader or online.

I hope you enjoy this collection. If you do and you feel that you’d like to read more, all three full length novels are available via the links on this site.  Each one is currently priced at £1.99 or $1.99.

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